How to identify burberry true and false

One: all Burberry goods have a label and tag, the above will have the original model, the type of label will be marked with the model on the tag.
Two: all bags of models are ZA- … … for the beginning, wallet for the ZB … … clothes for the FA … … so when you want to buy fake burberry scarf do not forget to pay attention to the number on the wash. Because the counterfeit goods will not be customized for these goods, such as custom washing, usually with the clothes of the general, a standard in the end.
Three: Knight pattern true and false identification
BURBERRY LOGO for the Knight pattern, is also available as one of the basis of true and false identification, from the following two pictures can be seen clues.
Genuine embroidery techniques fine, sewing and high degree of adhesion, and the type of obvious, three-dimensional. The embroidery techniques of the counterfeit goods are rough, the patterns are blurred and the line closeness is low.

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Four: zipper head / zipper closure
<Genuine> zipper head metal embossed BURBERRY words, leather on both sides are sealed.
There is no word in the zippered head, the leather is forked. <Genuine> zipper tail should be aligned leather <imitation> zipper tail out of the leather outside
Five: how to distinguish the authenticity of burberry cashmere scarf.
Left column for the genuine; right column for imitation goods. Distinguish easy and easy!
Some sellers in order to cover the imitation of pseudo-map, printed on the print shop seems to sell the price of the counter posted, but can be identified from the following cloth standard.
Six: authentic burberry as a century international brand, its unique textile technology, flocking technology, not just a small workshop can be imitated. Authentic burberry scarf life long, dustproof, durable for many years to keep fluffy soft, delicate luster and pure color, its high-quality materials, superb recipe manufacturing, burberry in the replica burberry scarf industry dominate! Wearing genuine and imitation goods, walking in the street can see a look, authentic BURBERRY is your pursuit of genuine complex, enjoy the high quality, exquisite life essential fashion equipment.


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Burberry is a British traditional style of luxury brands, its multi-level product line to meet the needs of different ages and gender consumer, the company retail, wholesale and licensing to make its reputation known around the world. Burberry (Burberry) was founded in 1856, is the British royal family supplies. Over the past few decades, Burberry mainly to the production of raincoats, umbrella and scarves, and now Bo Bai Li stressed that the traditional British noble design, to win the hearts of countless people, to become an eternal brand.