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Burberry (Burberry) has a history of 156 years, is a strong British style of the famous brand, has long been a luxury, quality, innovation and eternal classic synonymous, its windbreaker as a brand identity world-renowned. In the Burberry (Burberry) chief creative director Christopher Bailey (Christopher Bailey) under the leadership of creative ideas, the brand constantly advancing with the times. In the full of modern and advocating the truth I expressed at the same time, but also inherited the initial concept of value and the founder of the brand since 1856 tradition.

Boberly’s windbreaker and perfume in the world have a high reputation. Boberly with a British traditional design style, with a classic plaid pattern, a unique cloth

Generous and elegant. In addition to traditional clothing, Bo Baili will also design tentacles extended to other areas, and the classic elements into them, the introduction of perfume, fur, scarves, sweaters and shoes and other related products.

Development History
In 1856, only 21-year-old British boy Thomas Burberry created the Burberry brand, in the south of England Hampshire (Hampshire) Basingstoke (Basingstoke) opened his first outdoor clothing store. Excellent quality, the use of replica burberry scarf innovative fabrics and the design on the jacket makes Thomas Burberry won a group of loyal customers, to 1870, the development of the store has begun to take shape.

In 1879, he developed a strong, waterproof breathable twill fabric – Gardine (gabardine), due to the durability of the characteristics of through, and soon be widely used, which won everyone’s approval. Gabardine was patented in 1888 to design and manufacture raincoats for British officers at the time.

In 1895, by Burberry for the British officers designed a Tielocken windbreaker to become the originator of today’s windbreaker. Early hunting and fishing equipment must have the ideal effect of wind and rain, can withstand considerable wind and rain at the same time have a good ventilation, Burberry clothing to meet this requirement, to provide customers with excellent clothing performance.
In 1901, Burberry designed the first windbreaker. In the first war, King Edward VII will Burberry this raincoat designated as the British army of senior uniforms. At the same time he also founded the brand Knight logo, and registered as a commercial logo. Burberry design of the windbreaker has been for the enduring trend. After the war it became the celebrity of many celebrity hearts, including Audrey Hepburn (Hong Kong and Taiwan translated as: Kodeli Xiaping) and “North African spy” actor Cornelius Paul and actress Engelberg Man. Today, opened the British Oxford Dictionary, Burberry has become another coat of fake burberry scarf windbreaker.

In 1910, Burberry launched women’s series, and opened a branch in Paris, France.

In 1911, Burberry was named after traveling with Ronald Amunden, the first traveler to conquer Antarctica. Burberry Check-Nova‖ created in 1924 – the first appearance of the Burberry plaid is for the wet and dry jacket inside, and in 1967 registered as a trademark more widely used in other products, such as umbrellas and suitcases.
Burberry has been deeply loved by the royal family. With tradition, refined design style and product production, in 1955, Bhopal was awarded by the Queen Elizabeth – royal Royal (Royal Warrant) ‖ badge. Later in 1989, Bobberry was awarded the Royal Queen’s Certificate of Badge.

In 1970, Bobberry opened the flagship store on New York’s East 57th Street. In 1980, Bo Boli in the United States continue to expand the retail business, in addition to New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and other places can see its chain.

In 1997 due to changes in management, the former CEO Rose MarieBravo to join the direction of Burberry has changed, mainly from the royal family and older celebrities to provide clothing and as many levels of guests, to further expand the customer network; she Has invited Roberto Menichetti and Christopher Bailey as design director, photographer Mario Testino and supermodel Stella Tennant and Kate Moss combination, the classic replica burberry scarf elements into it, so that the traditional British noble personality and life taste extension, re-debut Burberry’s new power philosophy.
In 2000 and 2001, Bobberry won the British Fashion Council classic and modern design series of two awards.

Into the 21st century, Bo Bo Li to speed up its pace of expansion in the world.

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In September 2000, its global flagship store opened in London’s new Bond Street. In October 2001, Bobberley opened the flagship store in Los Angeles to Beverly Hills, a Hollywood star. Since then, Bo Boli in Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, some important cities built more unique style of the store.
In 2002, Burberry in London and New York’s store launched the Art of Trench tailor-made windbreaker service.

In 2003, Burberry also introduced to the founder of Thomas Burberry named a new series, to provide more young and timely light clothing, and further push the brand to the young taste of a family.

In 2005, Burberry plans to support breast cancer research work, creative director Christopher Bailey designed special edition windbreaker and scarf to support breast cancer charity fundraising activities.
In 2006, Burberry established 150 anniversary, the brand launched Burberry Icons series to celebrate this special moment. Angela Ahrendts officially became the chief executive of the group, while former chief executive Rose Marie Bravo became vice chairman. In this year, Burberry launched the new women’s fashion fragrance Burberry London (London female fragrance), the use of brand-style checkered pattern perfume packaging.

In 2007, launched Burberry The Beat perfume, advertising by the British supermodel Agyness Deyn as a spokesperson. Design Director Christopher Bailey won the British Fashion Award for best men’s designer award.

In 2008, Christopher Bailey won the 21st GQ Men’s Award Presentation Award at the Royal Theater in England and was nominated for the best men’s designer at the London Fashion Awards.
In 2009, Burberry New York Global Headquartered in New York City, Madison Street 44. New York Mayor Bloomberg will be officially known as – BURBERRY DAY‖ on May 28th, and the BURBERRY building in Madison Avenue in New York City will emit light flickering signals in three different parts. Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of BURBERRY, was very excited about the new headquarters of the landmark.

In 2011, Beijing flagship store opened in Beijing Yaolai Xintiandi, the store for the three-storey flagship store, an area of ​​1,200 square meters, the largest flagship store in Asia, opened the day is held a large live event, the world spread to the British music, Digital technology and fashion industry.

April 26, 2012 BURBERRY brand in Taiwan 101 Building, a flagship store held a ceremony,
BURBERRY chief creative officer Christopher Bailey attended the event, Burberry global live event – a 360-degree in-depth experience will be the first to start in Taipei, 2011, tested in Beijing, the multi-sensory experience for the first time the brand’s reality and network experience Seamless combination.

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Today, BURBERRY through the continuous improvement of its design and innovative drawings to enhance the dream of the attractive, its classic sensibility and the perfect combination of the times today, in the fashion into the quality, as an eternal brand.